About FitbyFight


Fit by Fight is founded in 2014 by former European (2010) and World Champion (2008) Kickboxing, Menno Dijkstra.

Fit by fight specializes in giving Personal Training focused on Boxing and Kickboxing. Regularly we hold corporate team building and clinics on location.



These trainings consist much more than just beating or kicking. The training schedules are fully customized for you. With our training you will level up your shape, sport specific strength and self confidence.

While working on your technique you will learn to defend yourself in the process.
We offer nutrition guidance as well.

Our approach

Kickboxing is very popular nowadays. Almost every gym offers a form of kickboxing training, to the annoyance of founder Menno Dijkstra.

Daily he sees videos of countless trainers without any combat sport experience, who offer kickboxing training to take advantage of the current popularity of the combat sport.

Fit by Fight offers high quality kickboxing training to clients by only work with trainers who really paid their dues in the combat sports and actually know what they are talking about.

During the interview and the first training the wishes and goals of the client will be discussed and the starting level will be determined to make a customized plan, which will fit your wishes and skills.

Technique, shape, losing weight (fat loss) and strength of the body are results our clients can expect.

Fit by Fight’s vision is that the technique and mindset have to be right, no matter the goal. Either when you like to learn the basics of (kick) boxing 1 on 1 or when the ambitions are high and you wish to leave the box ring as a Champ one day..
Either way, for both ways you are at the right place at Fit by Fight!

Many well known Dutch like Ruud Gullit, Nicolette Kluijver and John Ewbank were ahead of you and participated the trainings by Fit by Fight enthusiastically.

Eagles don’t take flight lessons from chickens